IP-based live replay and highlights solution

LSM-VIA offers unprecedented usability, flexibility, speed and control for all your live operations. Designed in close collaboration with our community of EVS operators, LSM-VIA lets you tell the story you want with more functionalities and fewer keystrokes. Working together with the XT-VIA server and interacting seamlessly with all other VIA products, the new replay and highlights solution opens up exciting new workflows and provides faster and direct access to all the content on the network. And with full IP connectivity and software-defined technology onboard, LSM-VIA ensures you’re ready to address all future live production expectations.

Product benefits

Operator usability

Better ergonomics, a new integrated touchscreen, and direct access to functions in a customizable layout allow you to create your replays and highlights with a level of intuitiveness that is second to none.

Greater flexibility and scalability

By interacting seamlessly with other EVS solutions in the VIA microservices ecosystem, LSM-VIA opens up flexible new workflows that adapt perfectly to each production and scale as you need.

Speed up your opertions

Get access to more functionalities, faster, thanks to the remote’s programmable buttons, shortcut functions, simple tactile control and semi-automated functionalities.

More control

Manage and visualize content through the remote’s integrated touchscreen, and a second viewer that acts as an interface to the whole VIA production environment.

IP Conectivity

With native IP connectivity onboard, you can assign channels more dynamically for maximum flexibility and connect to any server on the network, benefiting from direct access to content on the network.

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