Si Media Case Study: Telekom Serbia

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Telekom Serbia is among the growing list of recent adopters of the new SI Media .YES! platform. The 13 channel automation system with 5 backups is based on Harmonic Spectrum-X.

Broadcasting main events such as Serie A, League 1, Champions League, Europa League and NBA among many others, Telekom Serbia manages the programming of ArenaSport, the most important sports network for the Balkan region.

recording studio
Recording studio

Their audience includes viewers in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia as well as Albania. Telekom Serbia also broadcasts tourist promotion content with the Balkantrip channel.

SI Media provided this high profile customer with multiple solutions including .YES!Mam, .YES!Traffic, .YES!Recording based on Matrox boards and delivering with .YES!Automation controlling 6 Harmonic Spectrum-X servers. In addition, .YES!CG controls graphics with Harmonic Spectrum-X.

control room
Control room

Working with SI Media is a long-time partner and system integrator Tera Adria from Belgrade, also sharing an active collaboration at RTCG Montenegro. Work on Telekom Serbia is now being completed after a three-channel POC test over the summer. The successful test led to the installation of .YES! and those first three channels going live.

control room team
Control room team

This success will be followed by the other ten channels. With the back end installed on virtual machines, SI Media technicians have so far managed the installation remotely.


Source: www.si-media.tv


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