XT Via Evs

The next-generation live production server that transforms live action into memorable stories

The XT-VIA production server is designed to meet the most demanding live broadcast production requirements, integrating all new formats and protocols from HD to 8K, SDR to HDR, and SDI to IP in a single versatile solution. Built from EVS’ live engineering expertise, XT-VIA guarantees an unmatched level of control and precision and offers a boosted capacity of up to six channels of UHD and 16+ channels of HD, making it the most powerful system on the market.

The fastest and most reliable server on the market

Core benefits

The fastest and most reliable server on the market

Consistently output the best quality content for all your productions, whenever and however they’re deployed thanks to EVS’ signature speed and reliability and loop recording technology.

Full flexibility for UHD or HD operations

XT-VIA conveniently supports multiple video formats including UHD-4K, 1080p, and even offers 1080p to UHD-4K upscaling. It also provides over 370 validated I/O configurations to roll out workflows tailored to your specific needs, from the same server.

Live HDR production

XT-VIA is already built out for HDR broadcasting. It supports HDR in all resolutions and allows HDR-SDR conversions from its embedded Multiviewer, removing the need for any additional monitoring investment.

Advanced connectivity

The server provides hybrid SDI/IP connectivity and assures you full IP interoperability with other systems thanks to approved SMPTE 2110, PTP and NMOS standards.

High speed media sharing network

XT-VIA allows simultaneous use of both the new XNet-VIA and file-based network, providing a guaranteed bandwidth for playout and content sharing to external devices for all your demanding live workflows.

High quality super motion replays

With the support of the highest number of super motion cameras in the market, ranging from 2x up to 16x, XT-VIA delivers super slow-motion replays of the best quality.

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