Professional Media Transport

There are no second takes in live production, that is why the biggest global sports events in the world rely on the Nimbra solution for live contribution. We guarantee the world’s most efficient and reliable media transport so you can focus on bringing the world’s best content to your subscribers.

Trusted by Global Customers across Many Industries

Unprecedent Reliability 

Designed with fully redundant and hot-swappable hardware, together with true hitless 1+1 redundancy for all services means unrivaled service quality will always be delivered no matter what.

Virtualized and Elastic

Modular and designed for both capacity and functional expansions means you can be confident that the Nimbra solution will support your future needs.


Support for native video and audio formats, including SD, HD, 3G 4K/8K Ultra HD, ST 2022-6, ST 2110, AES47, AES/EBU, MADI, in addition to carrier ethernet data services on the same platform creates endless possibilities.

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